20 February 2017
EHAC presents results of its Age 60 Study at Austrocontrol/EASA Age 60 Workshop in Vienna
EHAC experts and one of the university researchers of EHAC's Age 60 Study participate in the Age 60 Workshop and present the results to continue the dialogue in defining a performance-based approach aiming to replace the current hard rule. The hard rule is considered neither rational nor fair by independent scientists with regard to the intended goal of increasing safety.

24 January 2017
EHAC experts in EASA Rotorcraft Sectorial Committee (RSC)
The EHAC operators are represented in EASA's new high level stakeholder body by Stefan Becker, Frédéric Bruder, Reinhard Kraxner and Petra van Saaze. The first meeting took already place on 24 JAN 2017 at EASA HQ in Cologne.